Table View - Add "Reviewers" column, "Task Author" column, ability to completely customize

I like that I can add Custom Fields with the Table, but some of the information I want to see at-a-glance is existing within Wrike and available in a Report, but not available in the table view as-is. It would be helpful to not have to pull a Report or go into every single individual task to see who is assigned to Review. A lot of times the reviewers (and guest reviewers) are the stakeholders, a I'd like to see that directly within table view.

On that note, showing who authored the task directly in the Table View would be helpful as well.

As a work-around I can add a custom field for "Stakeholders," but it would be nice for a column to just auto-populate with the Assigned Reviewers, just as it's able to show a column for "Assignees"

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Hi Darcy, wondering if you've tried the new Table View in Wrike Labs?

Here, you can add the Author as a Field in the table - check the gear icon on the top left of the table and see Author as an option there.

You're right, for reviewers, you'll need to create a text Custom Field and enter a name, however, the way I do this, is based on a Custom Status. I have a set Custom Status for when a task is 'Under Review'. I can't see who at a glance which tasks sit in this Status, but I can filter by this Status.

I understand having Reviewers or Stakeholders would be useful so if there's an update with that from our Product team, I'll be sure to update you here 👍


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