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I would like to use a Project Template to set the project Status to Yellow by default. The Template is linked to a Request Form. Auto-setting the status to yellow would indicate that the Request is submitted but not yet approved. Once the manager has approved the request, the person assigned the project could change the status to Green and begin work.

Is this possible? Are there other ways to provide a quick visual cue for project requests that are pending?



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Hi Wyatt, by default the Project will be created with Green status.

I wonder if there a Folder tree approach for this? Perhaps having a template created in a parent Folder named "New Requests for approval" for example. The manager can own all the items in here and once they approve it, they can move, or tag the items in another Folder where the work can begin from the assignee.

Not ideal but there may be a process here for approval that doesn't include the Status. It would be great if you could upvote this post where Devon had the same request 👍

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I spoke with my account rep last week, and the "new request" folder was what she suggested as well. This is a feasible work-around for me. I added my support to Devon's post, as I agree that more could done with Statuses to improve their usefulness. Thanks!

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I agree, the project status feature of Wrike is not very useful now. It could  be one of the most helpful tools for project managers if there was a way to automatically recod the history and if it was possible to leave a note that is included along with the color in the automatic report that Wrike already offers. Additional to the color that provide general status of the project, others check points could be included such as schedule status, budget status, and deliverables status. 


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