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 The new Gmail integration app released in August 2018 is significantly less useful than the previous version. I understand that Wrike is limited by what Google allows, but there must be ways to improve. Specific feedback: 

  • The "CREATE A TASK FROM THE EMAIL" option is slow and glitchy
  • When creating a task from email, the fields do not auto-populate and you need to search for and select the folder, assignee, etc. Also slow. 
  • Cannot set a due date from the app. 
  • Cannot create a new task from an email chain with the same subject. You can add a new email in the chain as a comment, but that's less useful. 
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I completely agree with Meganne. I'll also add that if I'm searching and I hit enter instead of clicking "search" the task just gets created as is. Please bring back the old app, it was great!!

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Any update on this yet? Current integration is horrible and merely unworkable due to the slowness and unresponsiveness. 

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Another shortcoming is the inability to search for an existing task to connect an email to.

Here's a use case: a Wrike user creates a trouble ticket (about Wrike) using a request form. A task is created. If I need to engage Wrike support, I have to send a separate email. Even if I cc' the task, it's not integrated (tested), so a response from Wrike is not integrate. This requires me to continually forward responses to the task, requiring to me to find the task, copy the email address, and past in the forward address. 

I posted on this subject here as well...

P.S. These are the things that should be prioritized over introducing things like "Themes." Form does not supercede function, it's effectively says "I've run out of ideas." This is the opinion of a recovering software developer. I also don't subscribe to the "idea" upvoting approach to developing a road map. There's every reason to believe that the best ideas were never suggested, nor do votes mean the ideas have any value.

So, take my idea with a grain of salt ;)

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Is possible to modify the name and description ofhte task from Gmail? I have not been able to do it. 

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Setting up the due date  from Gmail is not possible, neither editing the title of the task. These 2 features are neededso the integration is really useful. 

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Hey @All, thanks for sharing your feedback here. For now I don't have an update for you, but please let me know if you're experiencing any issues (slowness of some options) so I can create a Support ticket. 

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A link to the original message is missing. Other products do it very well, and it's very useful.

I need this "back link" for certain conditions: 
- most of my tasks are sent by e-mail, by colleagues who are not members of my Wrike team.
- if the task can be processed within the day, I don't need to transfer to Wrike, I process the task, and answer directly.
- if the task requires more development, I transfer to Wrike.
- once the task is completed, I must communicate it to the requester. 
- for that, I have to access the original message, to write a reply. 
   A. If I have the link, I can archive the message after forwarding it to Wrike, it frees my inbox and my mind. And to answer, I quickly access it by simply clicking on the link.
   B. If I don't have the link, I must keep the message easily accessible, either keep it in the inbox (cluttered), or move it to a waiting folder. I have to look for this message to answer him, it's a waste of time.


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