Truncated Tags in Dashboards

I had submitted this as a ticket and was asked to create a post here instead.

Some background on our organization -- we use templated projects that have identical task names (01. Write, 02. Revise, etc). Many people are working on many things at once, and so having folder names present next to task names is important for quickly telling one Write task from another. We have everyone create a dashboard as a single focus point to keep them from needing to dig through folders to find their tasks.

At some point in the last couple of weeks, the little folder-name "tag" that appears underneath the task name has started to truncate itself. This used to happen only when you had the widget set to a really narrow width, which makes sense. But now, the folder names are truncated no matter how wide you set the widget.

I understand that you can hover over the tag to see the entire path, or you can open the task to see the entire folder name. But having the entire folder name there was really useful, and it's frustrating that it was removed suddenly and (seemingly) arbitrarily.

Could this be fixed? I imagine there's some kind of display layer on top of Wrike that populates that tag. Could that layer be updated to make the tags only truncate if they bump up against the rightmost edge? Or even just make the truncated length twice as long so we could still see most of the project name? Or even add a toggle to allow us to choose whether we want them truncated or not (since I assume that having truncated tags is probably useful for many who use multiple folders as tags)?



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Yes! Our designers noted this right away - having the shorter tag is a problem for them too. Now they have to hover their mouse over the tag to read the project which is a bit of a pain. 

Is there a way to fix this, Wrike? 

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I'm continuing to get feedback from our team on this. We mostly work from Dashboards, and not being able to see Project names at a glance is disruptive. Is this a known issue? The Project names weren't truncated a few weeks ago -- was a bug introduced? Is this intended? Looking for information I can pass on to my team. Thanks!

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Agreed! I was hoping Wrike might have improved this by now... 

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This appears to be fixed now. Thanks! 

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Hi guys, sorry for the delay getting back here. As Nathaniel mentions, this should be fixed. Please let me know if you continue to experience this and I can investigate.


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