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Is it possible for custom fields to be filled based on a form field? In other words once the user submits a form one can designate one of the form fields to be copied in the custom field at the task level. 

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Hello Merid,

You can use a Request form question to fill in custom user fields within a task. 

You first need to have the custom user field set up in the folder before you can use it in a field. Once that is done you can then use it in a request form.

When you create the request form there is a section in the top right hand of the request form setup. There is a part that says When User Submits a Form, there are three actions; 1. Create 2. Place task into and 3. Assign task to.

You want to select the folder that you have the custom user field set up in section 2 Place task into. This will then allow you to see the custom user fields you have created.

Next, you need to set up a question, when doing this you need to select the same format for the answer as your custom user field. For example, if you created a drop-down for your custom user field, you will select drop-down, short answer you will select short answer, so on and so forth.

You can then select where you want the answer to be put, you do that by using the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the question you just used. There will be a list of custom user fields that you have set up that match the custom user fields in the folder the task will go to.

Once you select this then the answers that go for this question will then appear in the custom user fields that you have linked it to.

Note that if you have selected drop down then it will pull the drop down options from the custom user field form the folder it was set up in. If you make changes to the drop-down list you will then need to go into the request field and select the option to update the list.

Hope that helps.



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