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It would be great to have an option (button or so) to lock and unlock editing tasks in workload view. In team meetings we always work in the workload view and scroll through it to talk about the tasks and planning. It oftens happen that when we push the mouse button to scroll and it is above a taks, you start to move this task. Because of this we have had tasks suddenly been changed from date/assignee. With a button to lock editing we could easily scroll throught the workload view without being afraid to accidently move something. When needing to edit, we can then just put the editing lock off.

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Totally agree to add a lock feature. Any task should have the ability to be locked by a user. If change is needed, the original task can be duplicated and changed such that it will retain the original task.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I totally agree that I'd really like this feature. We want to lock the tasks so that they can't be changed by anyone but the assignee or an admin to prevent tasks being closed off inadvertently, or pushed out endlessly without a review. We'd also really like the option of marking tasks within a Blueprint as mandatory, so that when a new project is being generated from a Blueprint, the project lead knows what needs to stay in there.

Is this a feature anyone is looking at?


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