Personal Task Management

As a self proclaimed Wrike Guru (and Wrike proclaimed Wrike Guru), the one question I get asked most often is “How do I manage my own tasks?” You may think my first response would be “My Work, obviously!” but it’s not. I think My Work is a wonderful tool for those that appreciate flexibility, however for Type A folks like myself, Dashboards are a great way to go.
The first step is to create a ‘Personal’ dashboard. Then you can add the widgets that apply to your work. Wrike includes some nifty pre-made widgets that pertain to personal task management. Just click the gear icon to the right of a Dashboard's name to check them out. The widgets I recommend are:
  • Assigned to Me: All tasks in the Workspace that have been assigned to you.
  • To Do Today/This Week: Shows all tasks that probably require immediate attention.
  • My Overdue: Tasks that probably require even more immediate attention. Tsk, tsk!
  • My Backlog: Tasks that are assigned to you but have no scheduled dates. These tasks can be done when you have some extra time, or you can go in and schedule them.
If there’s a special Project or Folder you’d like to keep track of, go ahead and add that to your Personal dashboard! Instructions here. 
Pro-Tip: You can share personal Dashboards with other users and they’ll see their own tasks! Just make sure when you customize a widget (outside of the pre-made Wrike ones) you use the ‘Current User’ filter in the Assignee section. That will ensure the user sees their own tasks.
Happy Wriking!
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