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Wrike’s Board View is an untapped resource. The main obstacle to wider adoption and appreciation in my opinion is the task thumbnail behavior: default selection is based on latest JPG, PNG or BMP file (of a minimum size).

We should be able to override this behavior and control which task’s JPG, PNG or BMP attachment is presented in Board View. This could be done in the task’s attachment area as a checkbox, as a selection from an attachment's right-click dropdown menu, or perhaps some file naming protocol (ex: "taskThumb... .jpg"

Extra points if PDFs could generate thumbnails as well by tapping a multi-page PDF’s thumbnail data to allow a page specific selection.

Double plus points for user specified .MP4 or .MOV thumbnails based on a X-second(s) clip and/or still from some point in the media file’s timeline.

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Hello Andrew Goddard, thank you for your detailed suggestions. I think they are great ideas for the Board view.
I see you already got some upvotes, and I will be passing on your feedback to our team 👍🏼
👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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