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We are currently having some struggles creating a PMO Dashboard that is useful for reporting. The system is not intuitive and there aren't that many free video resources out there teaching how to use it. 

Curious to see what the community's reporting dashboard looks like. Open to Widget ideas? Help!



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I'm not sure if these metrics are important to your business, but we separate our dashboards into pending, active, and completed projects:

Examples of metrics we track in an Active Project Analytics Board:

- [Pivot Table] Columns showing average cycle time (days) in each status (engineering, purchasing, operations, etc)

- [Indicator] Total projected year (1) revenue for project portfolio 

- [Pivot Table] of active projects with columns for: a link to each project card, project category, project status, projected project cycle time, current project cycle time variance (is it on track?), and projected revenue for each project.

- [Pie Chart] of active projects

- [Indicator] of total # of active projects


Hope this helps!

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