Include a "Successor's Tutorial" with Links to Deleted User's Items

Our company recently found ourselves needing to delete a large number of Wrike users that we had previously only deactivated after they left the company. (We liked being able to see their user icons at a glance in List view, for example, to see who had worked on which projects even though these users were no longer with the company. But we hit our limit on deactivated licenses and had to cull these empty accounts.)

I ended up transferring nearly 40 deleted user accounts to active users from different departments, which meant composing an email explaining why this was happening, detailing what each person was about to receive, asking if they even wanted this stuff, and if so, explaining what it would look like once they had access to it.

I thought it would be great if part of the "transfer tasks, projects, folders, spaces..." option could also auto-send some sort of mini-tutorial for the person about to receive this stuff and some guidance regarding what they might want to do with it. (No longer than any of those beginner Wrike videos!) I understand that every use case is as unique as the tasks, projects, folders, spaces, reports, forms, etc., that each deleted user had access to, but surely there is more guidance that could be offered to someone receiving this sudden wealth of unfamiliar information?

For example, I thought it would be useful to have illustrations sent showing what the deleted user's icon will look like; a screenshot showing exactly where the deleted user's items can be accessed (Wrike Help says only vaguely, "this user will see a new folder in their workspace..."); along with a description of who qualifies to become a successor (Regular Users as opposed to Collaborators, for example) and that they are receiving these links so they can follow up -- or simply clean up -- whatever open items the deleted user was not able to complete before they left. Having an automated message like this sent simultaneously along with the deleted user's items would go a long way towards helping the successor understand what's happening and what's expected of them.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback in such detail, Michelle, it's really helpful! I will pass your suggestion to our Product team 🙌

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👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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