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We use Projects to "own" Tasks, but when the Project page is open, there is no way to see the Tasks associated with it -- or even that there *are* Tasks associated with it. This seems like an incredibly obvious function: The Project page should hold the high-level information and parameters of the whole deliverable, *including* the list of Tasks associated with it. 

How is this not already available? Or even on the list for improvements yet? 

Please Upvote to get this on the developers' list asap! 

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Hi, what view are you using for managing your projects?
There are different options, but when I use a basic table view and click on any project, I already see all tasks contained within that project.
I have a demo space with some random projects, I'll include an example here:

Another useful thing to know: when you have folders in your project that currently don't contain any tasks, it could be they are left out of the view.
You can change this behaviour for example by enabling the option "Empty projects and folders":

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