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One of my team members posted a video into the comments on a task but I thought it was an image because it didn't include a play button or anything to indicate it's a video . . .

Can you guys add an indicator for video? An overlaid play button is the most popular and typically best approach.

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Hi Dave,
Good point here, thanks for your feedback on this.
It may help to know if you upload a video from YouTube you'll see the branded play button there.
I understand, however, for other video files, this may not be clear at a glance so we'll ensure this feedback is reported to our Product Team. For now, perhaps using a file name that includes the file type as a best practice may help.
e.g. 'MP4: Puppets clip' 

If there's an update to your suggestion, I'll post back here. Thanks for sharing 👍
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Similar to this post, does Wrike has ability to embed and set to auto-play videos? If not, can we add this to the 'wish list'?

Our requirement is to have a Portal, with different widgets / reports showed on the dashboard. One of them could be streaming media, playing in a loop, status of projects, milestones, issues.

Also, (skewing a bit here) powerpoint slides, that can automatically play. (This slide can contain the media file, which will be a workaround.

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