Start-to-Start dependencies for Milestones

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I would like to have the ability to set Start-to-Start dependencies for milestones. So if other dependent tasks could start on the day the milestone is set. The other way round is already possible (task finishing on the day of a milestone).

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Hi, I would also just like to have the possibility to set all the common dependencies between milestones. Now you can only set dependencies between miletsones as finish-to-finish type. I would very much like to set finish-to-start dependencies = If a certain milestone is not met, you cannot start the other. This way, if one milestone were to be resheduled, I would clearly see how this would affect the other milestones that are dependent on it. 

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Hi, I agree with Fabian, in the new Gantt Chart we are still unable to set Start to Start dependencies for milestones. It's quite important in our planning as well! Thank you.


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