[Duplicate] Custom fields in IOS/Android Apps

[From the Community team: Check out the original version of this request and add a +1 if you're interested in the funcitonality.]


We are making full use of customfields to hold structured data in our tasks/projects.

We have over a hundred field service workers we'd like to assign tasks to via the IOS/Android app but currently can't do so because the App does not present the customfields at all.


This is limiting our uptake and use (and therefore pervasiveness) of Wrike across our organisation.


When will this be added? We're very keen to see this added in the 1st calendar quarter of 2018.



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Jamie, I'm an iOS user myself so I completely understand this request. Could you check out Dustin's request for this functionality and add a +1 there? I'm going to mark this post as a duplicate so we can keep everything in one place. 


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