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We would like the ability to link directly to request forms that supports a user logging into Wrike.  Right now if you copy the URL for an active private link and you are logged into Wrike with a recent session you can go directly to the form.  This does not work if you do not have an active session in your current browser with Wrike.

So when a URL is visited one of two things happen.

1. User has an active session - directed to form

2. User does not have an active session, is guided to login, carried onto form requested via link.


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Michael, I just tested and when I tried visiting a Request form link (and I wasn't logged into Wrike), I was prompted to log in and then taken to the form. I think that's the behavior you would like to see, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Could you let me know how it currently works for you?


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