Show Importance on Table View


It would be ace if the table view could show whether a job is high, med or low importance.

Both the board view and list view does this, so would work perfect 

The reports kind of show them, but unless a user creates the report, they cannot keep the filter or grouping that they want, as the reports revert back to the original view.


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Good idea... even though I hate table view :) but still would like to support your idea as it'd be nice to have the same feature everywhere.


Also, can you please consider my feedback:


Please give your thoughts.




Jarnail Singh

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Hi Holly and Jarnail! We had a similar request for Reports, and as Holly mentioned, this was released :) Thanks for submitting this request for Table View too - as we continue to improve the functionality there and work on aligning it with the Reports views, it's something to consider!

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This is definitely a need for my org as well. My team prefers the "Excel View" of the Table view and currently the importance is not displayed. A custom field is a workaround but having duplicate fields (the native importance field and the custom field) can get things lost between users.


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