Dependency Met Hack with Microsoft Flow

We made a Microsoft "Flow" to change a TASK status in Wrike to "In Progress" when the dependency is met. We have some users with many tasks per day and checking dependencies was proving to be a huge pain. The Flow monitors a dedicated email inbox for the Wrike bot notifications and then fires back an email to Wrike changing the status of the task to In Progress so that we know the dependency has been met. It's working well, though a bit of a hack. (And PS, we had this working before the Wrike Bot was implemented and had to scramble to get it working again!)

  1. Set up a dedicated email inbox for the Wrike bot emails... this can be a little tricky as you may get notifications for other users, but you only want YOUR tasks to fire off the Flow. We are using Outlook's rule that checks the body for "<Your Last Name> All the necessary task dependencies have been completed, so you can start working on it right away." and files it in a Wrike mailbox. Flow works with many different email programs I believe...
  2. Now go set up your Flow.
    1. Go to the Microsoft Flow website ( and login as you would for any Office 365 app. (I guess you need access to Flow... so there's that...)
    2. Click on My Flows in the top left menu.
    3. Click on + Create from blank to create a new rule from scratch! 
    4. Select the When a new email arrives trigger. (You may need to search for a trigger for gmail or other mail provider... Outlook is one of the prominent options.)
    5. Click on the folder icon (next to Inbox) and select your new, dedicated Wrike folder.
    6. Click on + New Step and then Add an action.
    7. Type "send" in the box, find and select the "Office 365 Outlook - Send an email trigger" (Again -- use the trigger for your email service.)
    8. In the To box, type: 
    9. Click in the Subject box. You will see a Dynamic Content list on the right – scroll down to find Subject and select it. It will appear in the box.
    10. Add one space after the Subject widget in the same Subject box, and type: [CS: In Progress]  – include the brackets this time! 
    11. Add something in the body-- it will show up in Wrike, so make it appropriate, or inspirational, or at least unassuming.
    12. Click Show advanced options.
    13. Under Importance, select Normal.
    14. You may want to name the flow at the top of the screen... optional.
    15. Click Save flow. And then click Done. You are done.
    16. Here's a screen shot showing my Flow options
      Some tips for using the hack

      Use a filtered board view to see all of the tasks that are ready for you to work on:

      1. Click on your organization's folder in the left hand sidebar
      2. Click on the Board view option along the top
      3. In the filter bar, where it says SHOW, make sure it says TO: ME
      4. If nothing shows up, click the three vertical dots in the top right and select Show Subfolders! 
      5. The In Progress column will be all the tasks where the dependency has been met. You can drag tasks up and down that column to prioritize them.
      6. You can also drag them to the Completed column when you finish!
      7. Awesome tip: Bookmark this page when you like how it looks so you can quickly get back to this list! (You can bookmark any view in Wrike to get back to it quickly!)

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      *Now that you are a Microsoft Flow expert, you may enjoy the Mas Flow album by Luny Tunes y Noriega.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Wow Nathaniel - what an incredible entry into the forums, we're beyond impressed over here. You guys have figured out such a great workflow for your team. The instructions are so clear and well written (and funny!) that I want to make sure to get this to people in different threads who have potentially been looking for a way to do this. 

I want to make sure I'm understanding the use case completely before I start sharing - you're using Outlook email rules to hack task status updates. A task status gets automatically updated to "In Progress" when all previous tasks (or just the previous task) is completed?

P.S. This post even made the round with members of our executive team. 🙂

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Hi Stephanie -- Glad you like it and happy that it will circulate... we are using the "In Progress" status (maybe it's a custom status?) to mean "All dependencies have been met" so that we can generate a list of tasks that are ready for us to work on without having to check the dependency multiple times... So yes, the Outlook and Flow rules check for the Wrike Bot email that says task dependencies have been met and fire back an email to Wrike to change the status. 

As a side note, we'd love this functionality to be native to Wrike, but this seems to work for now. We need a more visible indication that a dependency has been met so we know which tasks are ready for us... 



👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos
👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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