[Duplicate] Filtering by Custom Column Values- AND/OR logic

It would be immensely helpful in creating new Dashboard widgets to be able to make a widget including two values of a column. 

So if Column Division has values of CAC, CLE, CTR, PEN, and FCT, I want a widget for one person to be able to track CLE and CTR, while another person wants to track CAC and FCT. Right now, those each have to be a separate widget (one for CLE, one for CTR, etc), cluttering up Dashboards of not-so-power users who just want to see their stuff.

There's not enough in common with the field values to use Starts with, Ends with, or Contains, and commas or ands don't join two search terms. It needs to be a little more complex.

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Hi Sarah! Looks like this request got posted twice. I'll go ahead and reply in the other one. Is it okay to delete this and leave the other post?


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