Contact (google etc) integration and wanted features

When working fully with Wrike you want to put a lot of processes and data in wrike.

Now we "abuse" tasks with custom fields on a main folder "Contacts" and have subfolders in there with related contact tasks. you can then link the "Contact Supplier X" to any of the folders.

Employee's, Clients, Customers and Partners can then see the correct contacts in their folders if shared.

It would be nice to have some interaction, like clickable phone numbers, email addresses (hyperlinks)
especially form mobile, when you click a phone number that it would call or email.

but more important is to sync these contacts to an google address list of a shared mailbox. in this way one could work in two systems and have all contacts on both places and synced.

And no, the zapier integration does not work. it will only sync one way. and when changed it will only make a new contact and or add a lot of info as a comment to a project. if there was a way to map the values to a field in Wrike. and have a way to update and not create a double entry then it could work. but this simply does not (correct me if i am wrong please ;)

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi @Jan! Sorry for the delayed reply here, we were looking into the Zapier options. 

First - The idea of clickable phone numbers/emails sounds fantastic, would love to see this idea get some more +1s. 

Second - In terms of Zapier, you're correct, each zap is a one way trigger. Zapier does offer some options for field mapping (if you choose create task) but you can only map information from the contact to the task title or description field. Unfortunately, you can't map information to other fields in Wrike (unless you choose the create comment, or create time entry options). 

Happy that you brought this up, let me know if you have any questions. 

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Agree with Jan - I am trying to manage contact information within WRIKE - cleanly.... while i don't want to turn WRIKE into a CRM the fact is that blurring the lines of functionality between key CRM f(x) and WRIKE capability to perform such tasks as managing 'CASES' - field service events - would be very useful.... please escalate and feel free to reach me to discuss further. 

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We utilize Wrike for litigation. Our advesaries and their clients will not become collaborators. We would benefit from a CRM element to Wrike.

Perhaps the ability to create non-collaborators with contact information. We could then pull from that data into documents.

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