Changing a report owner

We have a user who left our company and we are trying to reassign a report to a different owner so we do not lose the report.  Any suggestions?  Is sharing the only option? Will sharing give the other user all functionality and then may I delete the user who left the company to free up a license?  The bottom line is we do not want to lose the visibility to this information as we switch users.  Thanks for any help you may offer!

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Currently there isn't a way to change the owner, or edit a report that is shared with you. The only way I can think of to get this done is to have your admin's log in as the user, and document the exact parameters of the report, so you can recreate and own it. 


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Not a solution, but there is an open product feedback thread on this topic:

Might be worth up-voting if you would like to support the feature being added.



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