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I need building a calendar with tasks included in two tags...Meaning task needs having the two tags, only one is not ok.

Right now the only option I have is selecting all tags I want ant then filtering by other fields.

What is required here is to select one tag and then filter it againg by another tag. 

I hope it makes sense.

Could you please help me?

Many thanks




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Hi Paco, by Tag, do you mean Folders? Right now in Smart Calendars, you can base the view from one source, i.e. Folder or Project and it shows the tasks contained.

If there are particular tasks you need to see that are located in two or more Folders, you could create a Classic Calendar and use the 'add to Calendar button' on the task to add it to the Calendar view. It's a little more manual but if makes what you need possible 🙂

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.



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