Wrike as CRM - Assign Tasks/Projects to Companies and Contact Persons


We use Wrike very intensively. But we miss a CRM function in which we can also map our projects/tasks to customers and contacts.

Background: We are a service provider working on projects on behalf of our customers. Therefore, we have to assign each project and each task that we create in Wrike to a customer and the respective contact person.

What's missing: there is no function to maintain our customers and contact persons. In the end, we want to know how many projects we are currently working on for a customer, how much time we have booked for that customer, and so on. The same goes for the corresponding contact person. In addition, we would also like to maintain the contact information directly in Wrike.

Workaround: Currently, we solve it by creating companies and contacts as projects and the individual orders as tasks. We sort the contacts into the corresponding company project. We assign the orders (tasks) to the company project and the contact person project. However, this leads to some problems, because in reports, for example, you can only display tasks or projects. But we would need tasks with the corresponding customer information for grouping and filtering.

Suggestion: We would like to have two more resources besides Projects, Tasks and Users: Companies and People. You can create companies and people in advance. Persons are assigned to a company. Both objects have the typical data fields needed for contacts. Projects and Tasks in turn have another field for Companies and People, similar to User. So you can assign a project or task to a company or person. This would be very helpful and would prevent the need for another CRM software.


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Thanks so much, Marco Eberl for sharing your use case in detail, it's definitely interesting and I can see how introducing such functionality can help.

I've passed on your use case and feedback to our Product team. In the meanwhile, I'd like to share an article from Wrike Blog that might be useful in relation to your use case.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else 🙋🏻‍♀️

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