Dynamic Approvers in Workflows

I have a workflow that automatically assigns an approver when the status moves to Ready for Review.  The challenge I am having is that the approver needs to vary by client.  I would like to avoid building client specific workflows if I can.  I have seen in other posts on how to combine workflows with automation to switch the assignee of the task, but there is no automation option to add an approver (unless I missed it).  

What I would really like is to either be able to add approvers using the automation engine based on folder/status or have the workflow be able to add approvals by folder.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hi David,

I think you will be able to do this. When in the automation function in your settings, under Account Management. 

Select New rule at the top.

If you have different approvals in specific folders, you would select tasks and then choose a specific project, folder, or space. 

Once the folder is selected you select the "Trigger to be Task Status Changes to" option. 

Select your specific statuses from the drop down.

Check the status that you want (Ready for Review)

Move to the Add Action Button and select Assign task to.

I would name the automation to reflect maybe who the approver is so you will be able to tell what the automation does. 

Then you can create by hitting the create button in the top right hand corner. 

Repeat these steps for each project or folder that each user has responsibility for. If the same user is the approver for multiple projects or folders you can add more folders to the automation that you set up for him.

Hopefully that helps.


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Thank you Ryan for the feedback.  This will almost work.  It will assign the task to the user, but does not create the approval automatically.  Maybe the automation engine will eventually include the ability to assign approvals.  

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