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Our company relies heavily on time tracking and we currently work with a number of partners where we must transfer our time into their time tracking systems. We have projects where there are multiple people assigned and each assignee inputs their time into external systems at the end of the week for various projects.

Since there are no custom fields on time entries, we were hoping to utilize the time lock feature where assignees would lock their time in order to show that the time has been added to the external system. At the end of each week, we run an audit to validate that no time was missed.

We are now running into an issue where if a user locks time for a specific project for the week, it locks the time for all users for that week instead of the specific filtered time entries (filtered by user or multiple users). Permissions wouldn't solve this, I don't believe as we have some users who need to transpose time for others within the same project but not all.

Is this something that can be added? Either through locking time on a filtered list or adding custom fields to time entries? Thanks!

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Thank you for this feedback Amanda Juneau, I'll now pass it on to our Product team 👍

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