Memory Consumption Still an Issue

The Wrike app still uses an unacceptable amount of RAM on systems. I only have one tab open in the application, I have cleared the caches in the history menu, I have gone into the developer tools for container window and cleared things and it still has a huge memory footprint after using it for a bit. 

Wrike Helper (Renderer) 1.60GB

Wrike Helper (Renderer) 88.8MB

Wrike 81.6MB

Wrike Helper (GPU)  69MB

Wrike Helper (Renderer )65.3MB


Why does Wrike need over 1.8GB of RAM. This is a productivity tool - not a video editing application. Please please please invest heavily in optimizing the application to use less memory. I have Slack open all day and it will always stay under 700MB in total. Please get Wrike there (or less). 

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Hi Matt, I have to agree with you. I think the New Experience specially is heavier on the load. And doesn't matter if you use the app or the browser, cause the Wrike app is basically a browser window with a fancy icon.

Unfortunately this issue is not exclusively with Wrike, modern web development languages are relying each day more and more on the user-side for processing it's data and application, specially javascript. This requires enormous amount of RAM and processor power.

I left Google Chrome in the Mac and started to use Safari instead. What a difference it makes for the better! But even so Wrike and Gmail start to show slowness and unresponsiveness after a few hours. In Gmail I got rid of the thousands of labels I used and it got a lot better, but far from what a MacBook Pro 15 (16GB RAM, SSD and i7 Intel processor) with 2 years of life should deal with no problem at all.

Imagine who it feels for others who have less powerfull computers? :-(

Wrike Team, a native app for Mac and Windows relying less on browser is at the roadmap? (I'm gonna post this suggestion! heheh)


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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Thank you for sharing your feedback Matt Peterman, Neyl Walecki! I've made our Product team aware of it. I also know that our Support team can help reduce memory consumption in some cases, so please feel free to reach out to them or let me know and I'll raise a ticket for you.

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