Present Project Status / tracking / Gantt chart in Wrike or Keynote

Hi Wrike team,

I was looking for an option to present Projects from the Project managers’s perspective for a bi weekly status report to business stakeholders and upper management in an easy to read presentation format. 

This should have updates on the projects including status - on track, monitor, blockers on the current task / milestone completed by the team. (High level project tracking)

I researched some ways to present this :

  • used the Gantt chart view for showcasing the project and exported it to PDF from Wrike. But I don’t think this is the most UI friendly way - I am still missing additional details of the project.
  • Dashboard on Wrike - need to stitch this together with Gantt chart.  

Also - I don’t want to share the entire detailed project to the stakeholders or business- I want to present a report on the main milestones time line to external teams (They may or may not have access in Wrike)..

How can I present all of this in 1 page report?

  • Timeline with milestones (could use Gantt chart view) 
  • In progress / upcoming future tasks for the next 2 weeks  (would need to create a custom dashboard?) 
  • Dashboard: project status in one page - based on tasks, Project Phase - Idea, Planning, Active... (what stage is the project currently at?), Final Go Live Date.

I would like to additionally find out if there is a way to create a Status Report Presentation using the available Gantt chart in Wrike and export the existing project tasks and milestones into Keynote?  (The PMs and Tech leads are already familiar with Keynote presentation and use this frequently to present their project status)

I noticed there is an Office Timeline version that integrates with Wrike but is there another way to do that within Wrike it self?

Happy to explain more if needed..



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Hey Manisha Saini,

It currently isn't possible to create a presentation in the way that you've described in Wrike at the moment, but thank you for sharing this example here! If there are any relevant updates about this idea, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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