Notify process with feedback / Tasks for a group of users

I love the new wrike feature of the approval process.

I suggest a process like this to manage several persons who have to take note of a task.

E.g. there is an important information for a whole usergroup - I want feedback of everyone who has read this information. This feedback should not be in the chat, as I want a list of everyone who's missing. So I create a "notify process" assigned to specific users or usergroups. Then every assignee gets a notification in his inbox and has to click a checkbox if he has read the message. Every feedback is listed in the process, where I can see everyone who has already checked, and who doesn't.

This post contains an alternative to "Duplicate a task to a whole group of users"

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Hey Florian Kislich, thank you for this suggestion! It's been passed on to the Product team.

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