Ability to personalize & color code cards in Wrike

Users on my team would like to be able to personalize their views, so that an individual could color code types of cards within a projects (as one example), but that color coding is tied to that user's view only, and doesn't affect what other users tied to the same cards would see.

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We need this feature as well (color coding of task cards, the entire card) however, we need the flexibility to set the visibility to a global view (personal view) so that global view color cannot be changed on a large scale. Right click on Folder/Project>Card color>(options, Visible to All, Visible to Individual)>[available color choices with meanings], where hover over brings up pop-up with optional text. 

Instead of the cards defaulting to white

We can either select the color from the predetermined options (with text clarification) or have a predetermined factor that dictates their color, such as workflow status, dependencies, or assigned role that changes the card color.

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