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I would like to export an event list, but I do not wish for the default workflow items to show. I only want to list the actual events.

Is there a way you can filter the export to excel or PDF, where I only export the fields I want

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Hi Cyrstal, it will just export the attributes as laid out. There's no way to format that before exporting.

However, you could create a Report in Wrike and export the Report to Excel and it will show details as you've filtered in the Report Builder.

Alternatively, you could export to Excel and choose to hide/delete that status field in Excel.

Let me know what you think 👍

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Why Excel?? Why not PDFs? It seems like a number of people are asking for the ability to export to PDF and you don't seem to be able to do it. Even if I create a report (for example a report of the hours that I've spent on a client in the last month), It won't print out properly - it just prints what's on the screen. If I do it in Excel, I have to get rid of all the columns you think are important. Takes me twice the amount of time to do it than when I could just export to PDF.

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