Prefixes on Projects

With some of our projects when we create them we use the project name/title as a prefix for all of the tasks.  If we ever need to rename the project, we are unable to propogate that change to all of the tasks associated with the projects.  It would be really great if we can rename the prefix of all tasks after a project has been created as well (without having to do it one by one).

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Completely agree. I'd love the option for all associated project tasks to be named "[project/folder name] - [task name]", where the prefix is dynamic and pulls from the current project/folder name. We have many projects with placeholder names that are finalized much later (after the project is well underway).

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

There's a similar ask here:


Once it gets 60+ likes, they'll pas it along to development!


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