Things I Wish I'd Known How to Do Earlier

Hi everyone! We’ve all been at that starting point when all of Wrike’s functionality was completely new to us. There are lots of ways to do things in Wrike and plenty of features to explore. Maybe there's features you learned about later or processes that you refined over time. Being an expert now, what kind of advice do you wish you could give yourself when you were taking those very first steps?

We would love to learn about your tips in this post!

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I used to create huge projects that were 50 - 70 tasks long listing every step in the process.  I found that I would get lost and confused within my own projects.  I couldn't imagine what others were thinking.

What I'm doing now is creating Projects that are 7 to 10 tasks longs, but contain multiple subtasks within a task.  The subtask's title contains the initials of the person that is the Assignee.  The Assignee for that subtask is assigned to the Task, but not the Subtask.  I also like to number my task in multiples of 10 so that I have the option to add multiple task in between if needed.

Task 050:  Video - Edit, Review, Approval

  • Create Rough Draft (JT)
  • Executive Approval (JL)
  • Spell and Grammar Check (NK)
  • Apply Edits - If Needed (JT)
  • Final Approval (JL)
  • Publish Video to Website (JK)

Assigning a person the task instead of the subtask allows them to view all the steps below them.  Once they are finished, they can easily see who is below them and reassign that task once they are done.  Assigning a person only the subtask keeps them isolated within the grand scheme of all that they do.



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