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any way to post a reply email in wrike to respond OUT OF OFFICE? some people only communicate in wrike and if you are out of the office, they will not know.

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Marcia, Out of Office messages aren't a Wrike feature, but I have a workaround suggestion. When someone is planning a vacation they can change their name in Wrike. For example, Captain Productive could change their name to Captain OOO Productive. That way if someone were to @mention them or assign them to a task they could see the OOO message. I understand that this isn't the same as sending a message, but it may help alert team members about someone's absence. 

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I definitely agree with Marcia,


This is really annoying not to be able to have an automatic mail sent when someone is OOO.

For example:

- If someone makes an @mention to someone OOO within my team, I can't see it. 

If this person would have received an email saying that he's OOO, it could prevent this. Adapting the name is not enough unfortunately.

- If our stakeholders are on holiday, we wont know what to do (Who's going to follow his project, or who's the contact person) 

The solution for me would be: to define a response message by the person who's going on a vacation which is send to every person who makes an @ mention to this person who's on holiday.

We are using Wrike for a big entity more than 100 persons so we definitely need something beter than changing their names ;)



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Hi Amandine, thanks for bumping this post. It's a great idea and there a few posts I wanted to direct you to in our Product Feedback section:

This one from Paul is pretty much exactly what you've suggested so it would be great to have your vote added there.

Nisa suggests having an option to mark yourself as OOO preventing people from @mentioning you. This might be something you're interested in voting for too.

Thanks for your input here!

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Done :) thank you for the reply

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The suggested workaround (changing your name to include "OOO") could be extended to create the fix: Have a date range in settings to set an account to out of office. During that window, the name field gets [Out of Office] or [Unavailable mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyy] appended to the end of their name. Since the @mention displays the name, it is immediately evident to the commenter, who may still opt to mention the person, knowing they will not see it until after their time out.

Slicker would be to append something brif to the name, e.g., [Out of Office] and have a hover action for @mentioned names that shows their dates when out of office.

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Hey @Mark, thank you for taking time to post this, I really like your suggestions 🙂 If it's possible, please upvote these related posts in the Product Feedback section:


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