[Duplicate] Report Date Range - Ability to Type in the Date

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Currently when creating a report for a specific time frame, you have to click through the calendar to select your date range. Is there any way we can get the option to type in that date? Clicking through the calendar has caused some dates to be mis-selected and honestly, takes a lot of time when you are setting up a lot of reports.

Due to the inability to duplicate reports, I just spent two days+ manually setting up a bunch of reports that were needed for some management meetings and having to click through that calendar every time to select my dates was quite a pain. It really would be faster to just type in the start and end dates I need.

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This is insightful feedback Kelly. The user's experience, in all aspects, is important so having this detail here really help our Product Team when reviewing this feature.

I think it's related to Kenny's post here, where he suggests some feature updates which I think you'd also like to see, and some other members are discussing their experience too. If this post is something you're interested in please upvote the suggestion and feel free to add any input by commenting.

Thanks for sharing! 🙌

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