Wrike use with Personal Space

How many users utilize the "personal: space in "Spaces"? And have you found value from utilizing it and if so how? 

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I use the "personal space" in Wrike quite a lot. I have folders dedicated to tasks for my regular 1:1 meetings with my supervisor and my direct reports. I've set the tasks up with a recurrence so they are automatically created ahead of our weekly meetings with a template agenda we can edit as needed.

I use other folders in the space to store information, kind of like a "knowledge base" if you will.

I will also occasionally build out folders/projects/tasks in my personal space first so I can see what they would look like/how they would function before moving them into the space they will be used in.

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Hi Tony, 

I utilize my personal space mostly for when testing out features I am creating. This allows me to tweak/finalize how I want the end product to appear without everyone seeing my tests. t has been very helpful, and easy to share or move once I have completed my final product.

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Same here! Before I introduce new process flows or custom fields to my team I'll throw them into my personal space and test them out - see what works, what doesn't and get some feedback from users.


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