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As a daily Wrike user, it would be awesome if there was a "plain text" widget available for Dashboards so that I can use it for personal organization.

CHALLENGE: Most of the members of the Marketing team that I work with try to use a Dashboard as a one-stop-shop for their priorities/focus. However, there is no custom widget that simply allows the user to add text. So for example, if I want to help a team member prioritize what they should focus on for the week, it would be super helpful if I could add a plain text widget to their Dashboard, type out their priorities, and help them keep it updated as things change. Other team members look at each others' Dashboards so it's important that we keep this information visible to everyone on the team. And since Wrike is our project management tool, we want to stay within Wrike as much as possible instead of remembering/having to use another tool.

NOTE: Often the team's priorities are subtasks and it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to customize a widget to make it work the way we want it to. Also, priorities can include OKR work, events, and planning - things we don't capture in Wrike tasks because it's not worth the time.

BONUS: The ability to use the rich text editor within the plain text widget (just like in task/project/folder descriptions). Sometimes it's nice to hyperlink to external resources (such as a Google Doc) especially if we're collaborating with a vendor. Again, a one-stop-shop for priorities and all the necessary information to quickly hop into the work.

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This is a very interesting suggestion Daisy Hibbard, thank you for posting! A possible issue that I can see with this "text widget" is that the info would only be available on this widget and you wouldn't be able to use it anywhere else. It could also be easy to lose it, so the general recommendation is to capture such info in a task, and then you could add this task to any dashboard widget and open the task from the widget. Could you please clarify what you don't want to have those notes in the task that can be added to a widget? 

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