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I've been pushing my team to create a "Meeting Notes" folder in their projects to house all notes. I've suggested that they use the nomenclature "Project Name_Meeting Notes" so that they can also tag the notes into their personal space. This will allow them quick access to ALL of their notes, but they can still be accessed via the project as well.

In order to make adding the notes tasks easier, I have created a Meeting Notes work template that can be added just like a new task would. The template contains items such as attendees, discussion, and action items. They can use the template by selecting it from the drop down where they can select to add a new task, project or folder.

There are 2 big reasons that I think this folder is beneficial:

  1. All notes can be viewed by anyone with access to the project
  2. The notes can be searched using the Wrike Search Engine.
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Hi Ashley Fischer, thank you for sharing how you use Meeting Notes Work Template, great to hear you like it!

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