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Hi all - 

I'd love Wrike to give me reminders when it's been a year (or 6 months, or 2 years) since a task has been completed. 

We use Wrike for our Blog Calendar, but we often need to check old blogs to make sure the content is up to date, as we write about state laws. 

Does Wrike have a reminder feature for completed tasks? 

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Hi Allison Van Duyne, happy to see you here on the Community! 🙂

There are no reminders in Wrike, but I think it's possible to achieve using Custom Fields. You can create fields for all tasks that you need to be reminded of, the fields' type can be a checkbox and a date field. The checkbox one's title can be "update" and the date field can be used to enter the date when you need to look at the task again. Then you can create a report based on those two fields and check that report regularly to have a clear view of the tasks that need to be updated and the dates for those updates.

I hope this is helpful; please let me know if anything's unclear, I'll be happy to discuss! 

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