Dashboard filtering between widgets

To organise the dashboards for our marketing department we are using many of the due date filters to create widgets with what needs to happen now, what's planned for next week and what we want to do later (Today, this week, this month,...). Right now there is a lot of overlap between tasks in the widgets.

We were wondering if there is a way to filter and exclude tasks that are already present in a different widget.

For instance, if we make a this week widget, can we use this to exclude tasks in this widget from the 'This month' widget. Ideal would be if we can even do this with multiple widgets because then we can make a 'To do later' widget that excludes all tasks in the other existing widgets with a deadline that's closer by. 

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Hey Sara De Waele! No updates from the team on this yet, but we'll make sure to let you know if there are any news! 

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