How to leverage Wrike reports correctly

Hi all, I have a customer that has asked a question about Wrike that I can't answer - even if it's "it doesn't' do that" so I thought I'd ask the community for help.

My customer wants to create a report:

"The purpose of the report I’m looking for is to be able to analyze jobs to be able to how quickly they are moving along the invoicing process. We need to be able to see for a particular job how long it has been stuck at the ‘payment received’ status for example but also at larger scale see for all the jobs what is the average time it takes to go from ‘payment received’ to ‘paid to client’. Ideally, this would be exported to excel so I can manipulate for KPI reporting and would list all the jobs with a corresponding date for when it moved to each status (or the most recent date it went to that status)


The statuses that we use are –


In Draft/Waiting approval




Payment received/allocated

Paid to client

On hold

Escalated to Credit Control

Raised to Legal


Bad Debt"


Is this possible for a Wrike report to make? 

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Hi Rick!

It is possible to put together a report similar to this. You can use groupings to show each task with their respective statuses and use filters to show their start and due dates. Using these in tandem will give you a clear image of how long it took for a task to get from the point of creation to the point that it's at now. 

You can also use Workflow Reports to see how long it took for a task's status to change from one status to another. In your case, you could use it to see how long it took a task to go from "payment received" to "pay to client". You can enable Workflow Reports for your account through Wrike Labs.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions let me know!

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