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I'd like to be able to export our tickets to Word.

We have specification documents in our Wrike that is made of Tasks and Subtasks and would like to be able to export this to share eternally with our clients (We don't want our clients to have access to Wrike)

Anyone know how I can do this?


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Tasha Gibson - Here's one way you might be able to do this, where the resulting Word document contains the task titles and descriptions.

  1. Navigate to the folder in Wrike where your specifications are located
  2. From the folder "List" view, click the menu button, and choose Export / Excel
  3. Click Export button to export your selected tasks, and save the resulting XLS file
  4. Open the export file in Excel, and delete all columns except for Title and Description. Also delete row 1 (which contains column headers)
  5. If you don't want the task titles to link to Wrike tasks, insert a new column between the existing title and description columns, highlight the entire title column, copy it to you clipboard, then use Paste Special to paste just the values from your clipboard into the new empty column you created. Finally, delete the original titles column that contains the hyperlinks.
  6. I also formatted the titles column to make the task title larger and bold, so they'll retain that formatting when copied to Word.
  7. Copy all cells to your clipboard
  8. Open Word, create a new empty document, and paste the information you copied from Excel.
  9. Place your cursor anywhere within the table you just pasted, and choose Convert to Text from the Layout ribbon toolbar. (I'm using Word v16 for Mac, so the location of this feature may be different if you're using a different version of Word.)  Be sure to select Paragraph marks when asked how to separate text
  10. Format the titles/descriptions as needed within Word
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Thanks Laura Boylan - this a good workaround

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