¿Con qué podemos ayudarte?

Por ejemplo Diagramas de Gantt, Crear tareas, Compartir carpetas


Mail to Wrike as Comment, @-mention

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪

    Hey Jan-Christoph!

    I have answers for both of your questions;

    1. Currently comments only appear in your Wrike Inbox if you are @mentioned in them. If you think that all comments should appear in the Inbox on tasks or projects then I would suggest making a post in the Product Feedback forum about this. Once it reaches 60 upvotes our Product Team will be able to give a Status Update on the possibility of this feature!

    2. @mentioning can't be done through email. However, if you are @mentioned in a comment and reply to that comment through email, the person who @mentioned you will be automatically tagged in the comment.

    Hope this helps! if you have any other questions, let me know!

    Hugh Community Team at Wrike 💡Infórmate sobre las funciones y prácticas recomendadas de Wrike

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Folllowing List for Post: Mail to Wrike as Comment, @-mention
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