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Hi all, 

bit of a particular way to do things, but: Currently we're using a CRM system in tandem with Wrike right now and we would like to link that a bit more closely. So whenever an inquiry comes into the CRM system the person responsible hits "fine with me" and the CRM system generates a mail. Having the requestors mail be the Wrike task leads us to that shooting straight into the comments, which is awesome. But what it is missing is an @mention to assignees so that they are informed about the update on that task.

So, i have two questions: 

1. Am I missing something about notifications for comments on tasks? As of right now there's no notifier in my inbox. If setup that way, there is an email notifier, but that means looking for updates for a wrike task on a different channel. Meh. 

2. Is it possible to put an @mention in an e-mail-to-wrike piece of code or something? Either @assignees or @followers


It's not 100% necessary, I'm just curious. 

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Hey Jan-Christoph!

I have answers for both of your questions;

1. Currently comments only appear in your Wrike Inbox if you are @mentioned in them. If you think that all comments should appear in the Inbox on tasks or projects then I would suggest making a post in the Product Feedback forum about this. Once it reaches 60 upvotes our Product Team will be able to give a Status Update on the possibility of this feature!

2. @mentioning can't be done through email. However, if you are @mentioned in a comment and reply to that comment through email, the person who @mentioned you will be automatically tagged in the comment.

Hope this helps! if you have any other questions, let me know!

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