Team cannot view shared folders and completely different folder structure

I have created a bunch of folders in the "Shared Workspace" from my admin account and other users cannot seem to see them, nor do they have a "Shared workspace" in their wrike panel. When i try to click "share", it already says the folders are shared with the whole team. But i still cannot see the folders from any other accounts apart from my admin account.


My admin account's wrike has the folder structure that i want ALL of my team to see. All the "Regular" users i have created for my team have completely different structures and none of the folders i have created.

They have:

- Personal

- Onboarding

- Team

And none of the new folders i have created and i cant seem to find them at all.


I just want ONE single team yet each time i log in it asks me which team i want to pick. I don't want to pick any team, i need all users on one team. For some reason it makes me pick from 2 different teams (both of which are my team members names).


Help please!

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Hi there, thanks a lot for reaching out!

I'm raising a Support ticket for you because I think this might require some troubleshooting from the team. You'll get a notification soon.

Please feel free to reach out on the Community if you have any questions 🙂

Lisa Community Team at Wrike Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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