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I need to add score to the answers provided in a request form and then use the score in a report to evaluate the results


Q1: how are you?

A1: fine (2 points)
A2: bad (0 Points)

Q2: are you happy?

A1: yes (2 Points)
A2: no (0 Points)

In the report I want to see for example 4 points if someone answer A1 on both the questions.

Thank you.

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It may be possible to map your questions request form questions to task custom fields and retain the points in the answer.

For example, the answer would be written exactly has you have them in the example you provided.

Then when you need to score the results, view the tasks in table view and make the custom fields visible.

Export the view as an excel spreadsheet.

Open the spreadsheet and use formulas or a macro to parse the answers in order to retrieve the values.

Once you have extracted your numbers, you can create your report in Excel.

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