Is it possible to export the charts from analytics?  It would be nice to be able to include the analytics in presentations on the progress of a project. I can embed the url in a presentation but it is kind of sloppy in a presentation to have to login into Wrike when you are on a roll.


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Hi Karen, thank you for sharing your feedback here 🙂

Currently it isn't possible to export charts, but let's see how popular this suggestion can get 👍

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Hi Lisa, 

I do have same requirement . While Analytics page is great, unless we can make use of Graphical representation of statistics in our internal reporting, it will be of no use to full extent. Also, I have difficulty in changing the period to show the graph. Meaning, I am not able to change the number of months to customize charts being in Analytics page. Even from Reports sections, we do not have flexibility to amend charts to our requirement like, preparing charts grouping by months, showing data lable's etc. Can you throw some light on the plans to attend to this request and if possible the timelines?

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Thank you Raghavan!  This would be such a great enhancement and selling point to senior management!


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