[Duplicate] Printing Gantt Charts

Note from Wrike Team: Check out "Table Printing on Gantt" to vote for the original request.

Hi there,
Like other members in the community I am also struggling to print the Gantt chart effectively with the task and dates columns. As others have commented, it works for smaller projects when you can zoom out but for larger ones with many tasks, it becomes illegible.

It is possible to do this in MS Project but it would be great if you could improve Wrike's capability to match.

Kind regards,


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Hi Joanna,

I'm also having issues with this. Have you managed to resolve or find a workaround?

@Wrike, could you please help us?


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@Joanna, @JG Hey, thanks for reaching out here 🙂

There's a very similar Product Feedback thread on the Community, please check it out. You can +1 the original post by Danielle and also add your comments and use-cases there. All the feedback is passed to our Product team, but it is better to gather the feedback regarding a particular suggestion in one place 👍

Once the feature hits 60 upvotes, the suggestion will receive a Community status, please check out the post

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