Adjusting Workflow

It would be very helpful if we could adjust the order of our Workflow how we need it instead of dictated by Wrike.  Example: On the Kanban boards, most of our work comes in to a backlog where agents pick up work according to priority or skill level (typical Kanban), however Wrike will not allow tasks to initiate in deferred status or this to be the 1st status in a workflow.

It would be much more helpful if you would allow us to dictate our workflow instead of you doing it. Also, this is pretty standard feature for Kanban to start with a backlog to pull from, which makes this very challenging.  If we could define the workflow columns (active, deferred, completed) and then drag/drop them into the order we need them to appear

So ToDo (our backlog) would appear 1st in the workflow order.

This also allows for us to have logical vendor backlog and flexible workflow places as well.

Thank you

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Found this post right after posting mine. 

So mine is definitely a duplicate.

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