status value determines whose queue a task is in

I'm starting to realize a useful improvement for us, would be to change whose queue a task shows in, based on what status it is.

For example, the project owner creates a project with tasks assigned to me. The tasks are set to 'active' or 'in progress' status. Then, once I've done the work and comment to the project owner that my work is ready for review, I also change the status to 'pending approval.'

But it's still in my queue. 

What would be nice is if the task didn't show up in the project owner's queue if it's active, but showed up in mine. Then, when the status changes to something of our choosing, like 'pending approval', it isn't in my queue - it's now in the project owner's queue. If there are edits, they change the status to 'edits requested' and it would show up back in my queue and be removed from theirs.

This would get us closer to a true queue of work, rather than having so many tasks that aren't technically for us to work on at that given time.

(also - I understand that we could manually make that change with each edit, but presets and automation of such a thing would always be more effective and efficient)

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Charles, it sounds like a Dashboard would be perfect for this. Sort your queue by status, adding those that would be assigned to you and not anyone else, send this to a dashboard. (be sure to sort the list first by your preferred sort manner).  


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