iOS 12 Shortcuts & Slack Actions

My team and I loved using Wrike, but unfortunately we realized that we all moved away from it to new, quicker and flexible apps such as Notion. This happened unconsciously and simultaneously in our team, and we asked ourselves reasons behind this unexpected transition.

Then one and only one reason came up: We all find Wrike very slow and hard to add tasks in our fast paced work environment. Whenever a task needed to be written in Wrike, everyone wanted to pass this work to someone else.

I think this is a serious issue for Wrike, because it is very definition of disruptive innovation that is explained in great book "Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton M. Christensen. So, no matter you already know this or not, Wrike is attacked by these little (but promising) new generation apps.

Luckily, there are two quick wins for Wrike: 

First; new iOS 12 Shortcuts app. Even in our wildest dreams we wouldn't expect Apple to release such a powerful tool but here we are. iOS 12 Shortcuts is great way to automatize tedious tasks like adding tasks to Wrike and assign to whoever responsible, and I think Wrike should utilize this opportunity ASAP. I believe no one in our team would ever pass this assignment to someone else instead of just picking their iPhone and tell Siri what to do 😎

And the other low hanging fruit is the new Slack actions. Hovering over a message, and clicking a button is much more easier than typing nerdy command /wriketask.

Hope you consider implementing these little features seriously.



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+ on Slack actions. This can already be done via the command line in Slack I think (via the Slack/Wrike integration), but having it as a button would make it much more useable (

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Looks like Slack Actions is working now? 

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In Zapier, there is a slack integration available that adds the message to wrike as a task when the current user stars the item in slack. This is one tap and I have it set to auto assign to the current user, though you can change that...

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