deadline in the middle of the day


I have difficulty finding how to make a deadline with a certain time. 

Lets say I want the deadline to be 6. June at 4pm, how do I get the 4pm in there (without writing it in the briefing) but on the timeline, ist this possible ? 



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Hey Michelle, welcome to the Community! 

Adding time of day to a task for a deadline is not currently available. As a workaround, you can sync your tasks with an online calendars (such as Gmail, Outlook etc.) with the help of iCal integration so the time of day can be set there.

This is something our Product Team is intetested in, however, it's not something that's currently in scope for 2018. You can check out and follow this request thread to keep up to date with this suggestion and add your vote to the original post there.

Thanks for posting! 🙂


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We would need this feature 

to add optional Time stamp in Deadline pane in order to be able to define that task completion is required by precise time of the day e.g. 20 08 2018 @ 14:00 CET




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