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I work in a very large company, but the team I work on tends to assign tasks to the same 10 or so people. When we start typing a name, there are often dozens of results, and since the Wrike autocomplete/search is slow, this time adds up when assigning many tasks.

It would be great to have a way to have favorite assignees, that show up automatically when clicking on the Assignee field, so that Wrike doesn't have to search in tens of thousands of names. Also this would prevent the need for us to type out entire names or email addresses. If we have 10 favorite assignees that are by default at the top of the list, we may not need to type anything, or maybe just the first letter or two.

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Hi Karen Sudre,

A solution that may work for you is creating a new User Group in Wrike called "Favourites".

You can add users to as many groups as you like, and you can search the name of the User Group in the 'Assignee' field, to bring up the users who exist in that group:


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